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Rekrutmen Pegawai PT. Petrosea Tbk Minimal SMA/SMK/Sederajat Tahun 2020

LOWONGANKERJA15.COM, Rekrutmen Pegawai PT. Petrosea Tbk Minimal SMA/SMK/Sederajat Tahun 2020. Ketika Anda lulus dari perkuliahan Tidak ada salahnya Anda mengikuti magang di sebuah perusahaan ataupun memperkaya kemampuan dan keahlian mu sekaligus pengalaman kerja mu dalam dunia kerja. Jangan sampai Anda gengsi untuk menjadi anak magang ketika baru saja lulus dari perkuliahan sebab melalui proses tersebut kamu bisa mencuri ilmu dan memiliki sejarah pengalaman kerja yang bisa memperkaya curriculum vitae  nanti. Karena pada umumnya semua perusahaan lebih senang mencari orang yang sudah berpengalaman dalam dunia kerja daripada yang sekedar punya latar belakang pendidikan saja. Bukan tidak mungkin anda akan menjadi prioritas utama banyak perusahaan karena memiliki kapabilitas yang bagus dan perusahaan magang pun bisa juga akan menawarkan kepadamu menjadi karyawan di tempat mereka apabila kamu memiliki kompetensi dan perkembangan yang lebih baik. Berikut ini merupakan informasi terbaru mengenai penerimaan calon pegawai baru di lingkungan PT Petrosea Tbk tahun 2020. Kembali PT Petrosea Tbk mengajak para talenta muda yang berpendidikan minimal SMA SMK sederajat untuk mengisi posisi jabatan tenaga pegawai menarik. PT Petrosea Tbk. merupakan perusahaan multi-disiplin yang bergerak di bidang pertambangan, infrastruktur dan minyak dan gas bumi yang telah berpengalaman. Bagi teman-teman yang tertarik silakan ajukan lamaranmu secepatnya

Auto Electrician [PT. Petrosea Tbk]

Job Description
Bertanggung jawab menangani sistem kelistrikan alat berat.


  • Pendidikan minimum adalah SMA/SMK/Sederajat
  • Pengalaman kerja minimum 5 tahun dalam pekerjaan perawatan dan perbaikan electrical alat berat
  • Pengalaman menangani berbagai macam merk alat berat
  • Memahami dasar-dasar teori Electric unit alat berat, dan mampu mengaplikasikannya
  • Memahami diagram Electrical pada unit alat berat
  • Mampu melakukan maintenance dan service AC system pada unit alat berat)
  • Memahami dan menjunjung tinggi standard Keselamatan dan Kesehatan Kerja (K3)
  • Sehat jasmani dan rohani, memiliki kepribadian dan perilaku yang baik, serta dapat bekerjasama dengan rekan kerja dan atasan.

Business Development Manager (Head Office) [PT. Petrosea Tbk]

Job Description
To identify and convert prospects that can be efficiently won by Petrosea whilst minimizing the project risk borne by Petrosea. This involves directing and controlling E&C BD function by providing leadership, direction and support to the activity.


  • Minimum Bachelor degree preferably in Engineering
  • Minimum 10 years previous experience in Business Development in Mining construction sector
  • Able to work extended hours to meet/entertain clients and owners
  • Demonstrated effective verbal, written and interpersonal communication sector
  • Committed to delivering the best possible services to the internal or external client
  • Able to travel regionally at short notice
  • Able to generate and deliver innovative solutions to bring organisations together.


  • Plan and develop BD strategy in E&C such that clients choose Petrosea by negotiation rather than open tender
  • Identify the projects that can be won with whilst minimizing wasted estimating effort
  • Plan out tasks for BD staff including their interpersonal management to ensure employee satisfaction
  • Projects that are won have low commercial risk
  • Develop, manage and control the BD budget in order to ensure efficiency and effectiveness
  • Locate technology partners that when combines with Petrosea will enable alternate projects to be delivered
  • Establish and maintains effective work relationship within the department, the company and the community, and maintains the professional competence, knowledge and skill necessary for the satisfactory performance of all assigned responsibilities to achieve good working relation between office members
  • Establish, review and communicate timely SWOT analysis and BD reporting for internal and external review
  • Performs administrative supervisory tasks including evaluating employee performance, source necessary skills and resources based on manpower forecasts to provide managerial support in administrative matters.

ERP Technical Functional Specialist (SAP) [PT. Petrosea Tbk]


  • At least 3 years working experiences as ERP Technical & Functional Specialist or minimum 5 years working experiences as ERP Technical Specialist or ERP Functional Specialist
  • Bachelor (S1) or Master (S2) Degree with Outstanding Result from Reputable University majoring in Computerized Accounting, Computer Science, Informatics Engineering or Industrial Engineering
  • Experiences (Both as a Consultant or End-User) and has been involved minimum 1½ years in Several Modules or Full Cycle of SAP Implementation, covering these modules of  FI, CO, PM, MM, PP, SD
  • Build High Level of Enterprise Application Architecture, Provide Proper & Best Quality Control for Detail Design, Development, Unit Testing & Preparation before Product Go-Live by Utilizing the Appropriate Methodologies + Technology + Supporting Tools
  • Experience in using Middleware Tools, PI/PO Integration Technologies in the Following Areas: Service Repository and Integration Directory, Data Mappings, XSLT Mappings, EDI and XML Communications, Proxies, Interface Definitions, and XSDs; Configuration and implementation of PI/PO Adapter Types (IDoc, RFC, JDBC, File, SOAP, WS, JMS, HTTP, REST and Proxy); Configuration, design, development, Message Monitoring; Adapter Logs, Adapter Engine Status, Communication Channels etc.
  • Experience in Technical Design Solution of SAP ABAP as well as SAP (ECC & S4/HANA) Development, HANA SQL Script, also Carrying Out Performance Tuning of the HANA Models and Working with SAP HEC as required to Define Hot, Warm and Cold Data
  • Hands-on experience working on SAP BW or SAP BW/4HANA in architecting Robust Reporting Platform, BW's New Major Modelling Object, Custom SAP BW Extractors, Exposing BW Models As HANA Views with Mixed Scenarios, HANA Analysis Process in BW and Performance Optimization Concepts such as Data Tiering Optimization. This is including Experience with Integrating BW with various SAP and Non-SAP Backend Systems/Sources of Data with Simplified Data Integration
  • Experiences or has been involved in Migrating Historical Data from Legacy Data Warehouse to BW/4HANA, Knowledge & Experiences with BW Specific Security Concepts around Roles Privileges
  • Experience Working in start-up environment or organizations with an Agile Culture
  • Experience using JIRA/Microsoft Visual Studio Team Service (VSTS)/Talend/Trello/Power Steering/KPI Fire/Wave/Redmine/Bitrix24/TaskWorld/SoftBless or other similar Project Management & Collaboration Tools would be plus point
  • Knowledge of SQL & DB Technology : MSSQLServer/PostgreSQL/MySQL/MongoDB/MariaDB
  • Real Passion for Development and a Demonstrated Appetite for Continual Learning
  • Professionalism, Discipline, Integrity and “Can Do” Attitude, Team-Work Oriented, and able to Lead Cross-Functional Work. Able to Communicate, Presenting, Writing and Reading in English.


  • Working Closely with Product Owner/Business Analysts to Understand Operation/Business Functional Requirements, in order to Build High Level of Enterprise Application Architecture
  • Implement Solutions using a SOA Approach, Including Defining Service Security
  • Ensure Each Proposed Design & Implementation is always using of Service Registry and Governance Processes,
  • Build Proper Design, Application Roadmap and All Integration Patters of Enterprise Structure, covering Middleware, Process Integration & Process Orchestration (PI/PO) with Its related supporting Tools & Technologies
  • Ensure & Do Regular Control and Monitoring of Day To Day Operations, Usage Utilization, Always Provide Sustainability, Continuous System Improvement and Enhancement, Being Flexible to Accommodate Sudden Change Request and Adoption of New Technology
  • Do Regular Quality Control & Always Promote Data Accuracy, Data Consistency, Data Integrity and Data Transparency to Enable & Ensure Reliable, Comprehensive Reporting and High Quality of Information for Top Management in Making Strategic and Will Informed Decision
  • Regular Review & Evaluation, Maintain Sustainability of the Enterprise Application, Provide Continuous Enhancement for Cost Efficiency & Reduction, Time Effectiveness of Transaction Processing, Paperless, Electronic Data Processing & Electronic Approval
  • Maintaining and implementing SHE programs including Environmental Management System to ensure the effectiveness of the programs conform to official standard and requirements.

Legal Counsel [PT. Petrosea Tbk]

Job Description
Perform a variety of legal activities in accordance with the established standards and provides advice to the company in less complex aspects such as trade and commercial matters, foreign investment, technology transfer, labor and corporate issues. Prepare and/or review contracts, letters of agreement, and other documents to ensure legal compliance.


  • Min. Bachelor degree in Law
  • Min. 3 years experiences in legal matters (especially in litigation and dispute settlement)
  • Experience and strong handle legal dispute (especially in civil, criminal and Industrial Relation case)
  • Experience at law firm
  • Have Peradi Advocate Licence
  • Good communication skill
  • Ability to exercise independent thinking while communicating a collaborative attitude
  • Ability to give common sense answer without delay
  • Ability to manage outside counsel
  • Ability to work under pressure


  • Liaise with external lawyers for managing all the phases of a litigation process, including activities like investigating the details of the case, gathering of evidence, interviewing of witnesses and other parties, reading depositions and analyzing pertinent information, pleadings, settlement, and the appeal process
  • Represent the organization in legal proceedings in before courts, government agencies, or other authorities so that the organization’s interests are protected
  • Research, analyze, and interpret case law, court reports, and proposed and existing laws regulation to prepare reports on how they impact the organization’s operations
  • Provide legal advice and opinion related to legal case in medium complex area.

Maintenance Supervisor [PT. Petrosea Tbk]

Job Description

  • Supervise, control, and monitor site maintenance activities to ensure maintenance activities are conducted in a technically correct and efficient manner conform with quality of work is of a standard that optimizes availability, and assist in development and preventative measures, for repeat or ongoing failure trends within relevant department areas, to ensure all activities are conform with company’s standards and policies.


  • Minimum diploma degree with 7 years or S1 with 4 years experiences in Mechanical Engineering
  • Minimum 5 (five) years experiences in Maintenance in mining industry, out of which 3 (three) years in leadership or supervisory role
  • Possess broad knowledge in heavy equipment maintenance management
  • Qualifications and certificates in field of trade/required duties
  • Conducts mechanical work to PTP and OEM maintenance standars to help achieve high mechanical availability
  • Broad knowledge of heavy equipment maintenance
  • Good understanding of mechanical availability and correct repair & maintenance methods
  • Good understanding of mining requirements and production targets
  • Good communication skill in English
  • Commitment
  • Proactive safety attitude
  • Willing to work flexible hours to accomodate job requirements.

Mechanic [PT. Petrosea Tbk]

Job Description
Bertanggung jawab melakukan perakitan, pembongkaran, pengetesan, analisa masalah, hingga perbaikan terhadap unit-unit alat berat.


  • Pendidikan minimum adalah SMA/SMK/Sederajat
  • Pengalaman kerja minimum 10 tahun dalam pekerjaan perawatan dan perbaikan alat berat
  • Pengalaman menangani berbagai macam merk alat berat
  • Familiar dengan Excavator, HD Truck, Grader, Maupun Dozer
  • 3. Memahami dasar-dasar teori perawatan serta perbaikan unit alat berat, dan mampu mengaplikasikannya
  • Memahami dan menjunjung tinggi standard Keselamatan dan Kesehatan Kerja (K3)
  • Bersedia mengikuti tes di Balikpapan, serta bersedia penempatan di seluruh siteSehat jasmani dan rohani, memiliki kepribadian dan perilaku yang baik, serta dapat bekerjasama dengan rekan kerja dan atasan.

Mechanical Designer [PT. Petrosea Tbk]

Job Description
Produce engineering drawings in order to perform engineering work requiring application of standard techniques, procedures and criteria in carrying out a sequence of related engineering tasks.


  • Minimum 3 years Diploma in Engineering with min 5 years experiences as a Mechanical/Piping Designer, or Senior High School with min 10 years experiences as a Mechanical/Piping Designer
  • Proficiency in 2D and 3D AutoCAD 2010 version or higher, preferably in AutoCAD 3D Plant or PDMS
  • Detailed understanding of the applicable International standards (API, ANSI, ASME, ASTM, JIS, AS)
  • Knowledge of pipe and fittings, valves, and piping specialties
  • Ability to develop isometrics from orthographic drawing
  • Ability to develop pipe routing from plot plan drawing and P&ID drawing.

Bagi kawan kawan memiliki keinginan untuk bisa bergabung dan bekerja di instansi PT. Petrosea Tbk, silakan ikuti prosedur lowongan pekerjaan berikut

Rekrutmen Pegawai PT. Petrosea Tbk Minimal SMA/SMK/Sederajat Tahun 2020

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